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Making it easier to eat well and to be more active every day!

At the heart of Collectif Vital's mission is the desire to enable Quebecers to adopt healthy lifestyle habits on a daily basis. To achieve this, we focus on creating healthy, inclusive living environments, by working collectively with decision-makers.

Our main activities are reflected in our name, where each letters has a specific meaning :

  •  Veiller (or Monitor in english) : Our media and industry monitoring enable us to be alert of marketing strategies and new scientific and experiential knowledge.

  •  Influence : Our influencing strategies evolves policies and living environments, as well as social norms and professional practices. 

  •  Transmit : Our actions aim to transmit and spread knowledge and innovation experiences in a clear and accessible way.

  •  Act : Collectively, we propose concrete solutions to encourage commitment and decision-making.

  •  Legislate : We demand health-friendly policy changes for the continuous improvement of our living environments. 


Since its creation in 2006, the Collectif Vital, previously the Weight Coalition, has become a well established advocate supported by many partners from various spheres, such as the school, health, research, environment, nutrition, and physical activity areas.

The Collectif Vital is a project of the Quebec Public Health Association since 2008.

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